Cardiac Testing FAQ Video Series

Cardiac Testing Educational Booklet Series

Noninvasive Modalities for the Assessment of Coronary Artery Disease

Learn more about the noninvasive cardiac testing modalities available for risk assessment and evaluation of coronary artery disease (CAD).

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Patient Care Pathways for the Evaluation of Coronary Artery Disease

From initial risk assessment to coordination of care, find out more about guideline-based pathways for evaluating CAD.

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The Clinical Value of SPECT in Evaluating Coronary Artery Disease

Get more information about the most widely used nuclear imaging modality—single-photon emission computed tomography myocardial perfusion imaging (SPECT MPI).

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Additional Downloadable Materials

Cardiac Testing Preparation Tips

Refer to this checklist to help your patients prepare for a cardiac imaging test.

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The Hierarchy of Indications for Ordering Tests

Utilize this flowchart for patients who may have multiple clinical indications. This hierarchy of indications can help you assess test appropriateness and is based on the ACCF/AHA Multimodality AUC.

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Online Resources and the AUC App

Download the Multimodality AUC app, available for most platforms. Cardiac imaging test appropriateness ratings are based on the ACCF/AHA Multimodality AUC.

Register for a free AUC Tracker account to securely save and track your AUC data for radionuclide imaging. The AUC Tracker works seamlessly with the AUC app.


Download customizable resources for your practice to help prepare your patients for a nuclear stress test experience. Access educational resources such as the presentation on Understanding SPECT MPI and Prepping Your Patients.