7 Modalities

Rating Appropriateness

The Multimodality AUC rate each imaging test by appropriateness for each indication based on technical capabilities, evidence, and clinical experience. When you use AUC, you'll get 1 of 3 ratings: appropriate, may be appropriate, or rarely appropriate.5

  • Benefits generally outweigh risks
  • Generally an effective option
  • Dependent on physician judgment and patient-specific preferences
  • Variable evidence regarding the risk-benefit ratio
  • Potentially an effective option
  • Dependent on clinical variables, physician judgment, and patient preferences
  • Lack of evidence that benefits clearly outweigh risks
  • Rarely an effective option
  • Exceptions should have documentation of clinical reasons

For patients who may have more than 1 clinical indication, there is a flowchart that places indications into a hierarchy to help stratify test appropriateness.5

Download a PDF of this flowchart to view the hierarchy of indications for ordering appropriate tests.